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Insight Brain

Through our experience of organising events and customer engagement we have developed valuable insight into many related aspects across a multitude of sectors. We have extensive insight in the awards arena and naturally into events. But we actively research and gain insight into the purpose underpinning each event we deliver before the planning starts. We do this to ensure that our customers are clear about the purpose and so that we are clear about our customers’ expectations. 

We also have a unique Customer Insight product for SME businesses. For SMEs, knowing how many customers would recommend them is of little value – knowing how many have, what would make them do it again, or what would motivate them to recommend in the first place has a real tangible value. Our product seeks customer opinion, not answers to a survey. This raw data forms a mosaic of behaviours that management can review and make a judgement on.

When we are engaged to deliver events or programmes for any of our customers we undertake our own insight measures to enable us to fully understand the remit, the motivations and expectations. This enables us to add value to the project and help move the customers’ aspirations forward.

The Business Case
- Why do we need this insight?TimetoChange

At its very shallowest level insight can be used as a sense check – an independent overview of the purpose surrounding a particular activity. But its fundamental value is in ensuring that all elements of the proposed activity complement each other. Through understanding the customer, we can be better prepared to tailor the messaging in the way the customer wants to receive it. Likewise, understanding the culture of the business enables us to evaluate how employees may view the activity. Often trying to do this from a purely internal perspective is more difficult as some employees feel pressured to answer in a certain way – using our opinion-based insight technique we are able to ascertain a true insight. Armed with this knowledge our customers are in a stronger position to deliver the best possible event or programme, in a cost-effective way.

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