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What would I get out of an Internal Awards Programme?
It largely depends on the type of organisation but an internal awards programme - run by an external organisation (giving instant credibility) – will not only improve staff/customer morale, but it will also be an opportunity to celebrate your achievements as a business. You will have the ability to recognise those excelling in your business, and rather than just a snapshot of your success, you’ll effectively be able to carry out an internal audit and measure all the achievements from over the past 12 months.

What are the benefits of an External Awards Programme?
There are currently over 900 awards programmes in existence, so developing a new one requires in-depth research and must satisfy a need. But for those choosing to create new robust programmes the benefits can be boundless. Firstly there are revenue generating opportunities, then there is the kudos of ‘owning’ the subject, followed by brand association with entrants and winners, access to winning companies/individuals, as well as the benefit of recognising success and best practice in any given sector/subject area. If created properly, you can even be attributed with raising standards and setting new parameters.

We have an events team why would I use MediaOutsource?
There are several reasons we are drafted in. Most importantly because event management is core to what we do and we have experience of 100’s of events. We bring a new level of professionalism and experience. Our network of suppliers is vast and we are often able to add-value without compromising production quality. We often integrate with existing teams and help them to reach new heights of expertise.

What makes MediaOutsource the right organisation to reach our expectations?

In short, a mix of experience, professionalism, passion, integrity, knowledge and commitment is what sets us apart.

We already have an Internal Awards Programme, what value can you add?

Aside from our expertise in managing awards and producing professional, slick events, we would bring an external focus and a fresh set of criteria making the awards more plausible and sustainable. Having MediaOutsource operating your awards means that entrants/nominees can get feedback and the company can avoid any conflict of interest.

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