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Engagement is key to all events. Every element of the event must appeal to and engage stakeholders. We understand the need to achieve effective engagement across the entire organisation for our services to be successful.

Market conditions have dictated the engagement with customers and employees has taken on a new importance recently. Customer engagement is key to profitability, as study after study shows it is more economical to retain existing customers than it is to procure new ones. The same can be said for employee engagement, where it is vital for businesses to keep employees on message in a tough economic climate. At MediaOutsource we have experience of both disciplines.

Our employee recognition programmes link in directly to existing employee engagement strategies. Having external input for internal programmes effects a sense of achievement for those recognised, and avoids any negative feedback. Our programmes look to recognise the key influencers within the employee community ensuring the most favourable outcome for the organisation – our programmes dig deeper into the organisational aims to create a genuine demand from the workforce which serves the overall business aims of the organisation.

When we are tasked with producing an awards programme, AGM, user group conference or any other corporate event, we build-in effective engagement procedures to ensure that those participating feel part of the overall team.

Our customer engagement and customer advocacy programmes work in a sophisticated way to achieve
the business goals of our clients. We aim to transform customers into ‘members’, generating loyalty and commitment from them enabling long term planning and achieving reduction in customer churn. We create bespoke programmes using tried and tested methodologies which are best suited to achieving the results the business and customers need.

The Business Case - Why use a third party company?

Organising events is a core competancy of MediaOutsource, it is not always a core competancy of our customers. We understand the business motivations for staging events, we embrace those and deliver against them. We understand the constraints that senior people have on their time, so we make certain that every event we stage, large or small, is engaging, informative and adds value. We are also experienced in engaging C-suite execs to elevate events to the highest possible standing - meanwhile our customers can concentrate on their core competencies.                                            

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