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We specialise in every form of corporate event and deliver slick, stylish and professional results. We are innovative, creative and thought-provoking. Every aspect from programme printing through to content, speaker selection, production and A/V, through to customer liaison.

Awards are a great recognition mechanism. They have been growing in popularity over the past 30 years and currently there are over 900 external awards programmes in existence in the UK alone. Several corporations have internal Awards programmes and there are a number of Awards exclusively open to members of institutes or other professional bodies.

Awards however, are only worthwhile if they have substance. For people to engage the Awards need to be robust and transparent. All of our Awards programmes are designed to recognise exceptional effort and are judged by independent people, have robust processes attached to them and serve as beacons in their respective sectors.

We manage Awards processes, create Awards programmes and coach organisations on how to get the most out of entering Awards. There are few better ways to build relationships than through the celebration of achievement. MediaOutsource can operate as part of your brand, integrating with your existing teams and contacts, whilst building your Awards as a stand alone product.

The Business Case - Why cant we do it ourselves?
If you are considering an employee awards programme, the most significant elemen that we bring to bear is independance. It allows your organisation to sit outside of all decision-making and therefore avoiding any possible conflict of interest. If planning an industry-wide or sector-specific awards programme, not only do we bring the independence, but also the systems, processes, robutness and delivery to enhance the event. We build an entire programme around the awards so they have breadth and engagement. Ultimantely we get it right first time, on message, professional and slick.
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